The past seven years as a yoga teacher have expanded my vision for what is possible when we show up fully on our yoga mats, just as we are. My intention as I teach is to build supportive, safe spaces for fellow students of life, to explore their own possibilities. Social justice is at the heart of my work, I believe firmly that individual transformation and healing is deeply connected to collective growth. My teaching draws on vinyasa, hatha, and restorative styles.

In 2009 I earned my 200-hr yoga teaching certification through Yoga to the People  in New York City, learning from instructors such as Sam Chase and German Bravo. I've also trained with Iyengar teacher Bryan Legere in Ventura, California on the Great Yoga Wall®. My parents are Purna and Kripalu yoga teachers respectively, and together we co-founded Spice Harmony Yoga Studio in Grenada. Everyone comes to the mat with a unique set of life experiences, in a unique body. My work is as a facilitator, a guide as each student unlocks their own set of tools and steps into the fullness of their being.