New Years Meditation (Live Recordings)

On Saturday I hosted a meditation at Spice Harmony Yoga in honor of the new year transition. This is a time when many of us are hopeful for a fresh start, yet in need of grounding after the intensity that the holidays season often brings.

The session consisted of three segments: a compassion meditation, a interval breathing (Viloma Pranayama) practice and a longer chakra balancing meditation. 

Here are the first two parts as a New Year Gift to You! Each one is about 9 mins long. Fun fact, I also recorded the 30 min chakra balancing meditation but one of the participants fell asleep and was snoring. I'm guilty of this myself at times, so all I could do was smile when I heard the recording. 

This first recording was inspired by a meditative prayer for compassion by Stephanie Dowrick in 'Heaven on Earth: Timeless Prayers of Wisdom and Love'. I read her words to begin the meditation and then guide a simple process of breathing compassion in to self and out to all beings.

This second part of the session is a guided Viloma Pranayama (Interval Breathing) a simple, breathing technique that can be done at any time to cultivate steady balance. You may also want to grab your favorite essential oil or light incense since there is an aromatherapy portion at the end. It is followed by an opportunity to set an intention for the new year, for a new day...for a new hour even.